How to Avoid Moving Scams? Top 8 Tips to Avoid Moving Scams

Cross Country Moving How to Avoid Moving Scams

Moving scams are a terrible thing to go through as a customer. Trusting a moving company to move and store all of your belongings, but only to have your belongings held to ransom before the delivery is completed. 

There are many tips to avoid a moving scam.

Many moving scams take place every year, and the majority of them come from long distance or cross country moving. Yes, it is legal to pay for additional services that were not included in your estimate, but you should be notified prior and know the cost upfront. How do you find a reliable cross country moving company when there are so many companies looking for your business. 

1. Choose a company that has the experience and specializes in long-distance moving

A cross country moving company with a proven track record of successful moves has a reputation to uphold and is much more likely to treat you fairly. Not to mention if the company specializes in these types of moves, they know everything to help you out the most. If the company runs an actual moving scam, its reputation will be on the line, and they will lose their credibility. 

2. Check Online Reviews

The best way to check if the company is legit and is running their business the correct way is to check all review sites you can find them on. You should check google reviews, www.mymovingreviews.com, BBB, Etc. The best way is just to google their business name and scan through everything you can. Remember that any company can have an occasional incident, bad review, or report; however, a pattern of poor customer service should be a red flag. Like most illegitimate businesses, moving scams will always be tracked, and you can easily spot this on review sites. 

3. Reference Request

It might sound like an odd request but ask for references. A great & reputable moving company should give you a couple of past customers who have had great experiences. If the moving company you are speaking with cannot give you a couple of references or refuses, you should probably move on to the next one. This moving tip will help you weed out a moving scam. 

4. Information Upfront 

To help better avoid a moving scam when selecting a moving company upfront, ask them to explain their process on how they conduct business. What is the cancellation policy, how many days in advance? Do you have to cancel, what is their refund policy, Etc? If they are a moving broker, did they disclose this information up front? Have the moving company send you a copy of the agreement you will sign to review the language.  

5. Licensed, Bonded, & Insured 

Be sure the moving company you are selecting is registered with the DOT and is bonded and insured, which will help cover any damage that might occur during the move and make sure that the actual moving company is legit. If you are using a moving broker, have them disclose the carrier information that they will be used to execute your move. Most moving scams the moving company will possess some of this, but this will help eliminate any companies that are not qualified. 

6. Numerous Names 

Many moving companies that run moving scams will change their business name repeatedly to keep running the same scam but look like a different company. The moving company looks like they just changed their name, ask if they were running under a different company in the past, or ask for their business license. Is the name of their business different from the website? Moving scams usually run the same scams, so it should be easy to spot out. 

7. Fake Online Moving Companies 

There are many fraudulent online moving companies just looking to collect your information. Most of the time, you will be looking at an actual moving company (carrier) and a moving broker if you land on a moving company website. Please be sure that the site has contact information for you to contact them directly. To help avoid a moving scam, understanding the difference between a broker and an actual moving company (carrier) will help you determine what to look for in a company. A good moving broker will shop their carriers to help get you the best moving service and price for your moving details. A moving company (carrier) will have actual trucks and warehouse space to facilitate the actual move. 

8.Book in Advance

Another tip to help avoid moving scams is to book in advance, so you are not in a rush to find a reputable moving company to facilitate your move. Booking in advance will help give you time to vet moving companies before booking and paying a deposit to reserve your moving slot. 

At Vanity Van Lines, we are looking to change the moving industry one move at a time to help people move well. We believe in disclosing all information upfront and taking care of our customers like they are family. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.