Often times, I get asked “are you a broker?” and it’s not usually in a friendly tone. I don’t mind the question; in fact I love when clients ask, because it gives me an opportunity to educate the consumer. Knowing all of the information lets the consumer make an informed decision, and armed with the knowledge of how moving works, most customer are able to make the right choice for their needs. Many people don’t realize that in most cases it benefits them to use a broker.  The word “broker” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, when you are looking for the best loan for your new home you call a mortgage broker, when you want to know which companies are the best to invest your money in, you cal l a stock broker, and when you want be sure that the carrier who is moving your goods is the best for your specific needs, you call Vanity Van Lines.

We have a carrier network of great people doing great work in each state, from state to state. Each carrier is vetted and must comply with quality of service requirements to stay in our network, and DOT authority audits are done monthly. In fact, because we regulate and control customer service complaints and claims, 3 complaints about a carrier in a calendar year from clients is an automatic termination of our carrier and broker agreement. Two complaints within a 90 day window is a suspension of service.

“I must have talked to 15 different carriers who all ended up either costing too much or had horrible reputations online. In the end one phone call with my (Vanity Van Lines) moving specialist and everything was done.” Doris Kellis Griffin , Ithaca, NY to Naples, FL.

  • Your requirement is our wish
  • Moving is quick and easy
  • We are affordable

There are tens of thousands of carriers at any given moment throughout the U.S. and Vanity Van Lines always connects you with the best at a fraction of what major van lines charge. So, you save money. C
Brokers are not all bad or out to under-cut their carrier partners, we work with honest companies, from mom and pop operations to mid-size and larger lines. Carriers are a valued asset and partner, but the consumer is always first and the relationship is built with their trust.

A little understanding of what brokers do might be needed.
Brokers are the outsourced logistics management partner of their carrier network who desires a single point of supply chain management to free up their resources to focus on their core business.

Carriers who utilize Brokers are small to mid volume mom and pops who looking to the broker partner to be their virtual staff which manages, schedules and tracks all aspects of their freight needs including the staff resources to manage and the costs involved in moving their freight to coordinating multiple lanes to get their freight from A to B in multiple destinations.

From a carrier perspective (in the above scenario) it defeats the purpose of outsourcing logistics if they had in-house management to coordinate multiple single source providers to meet their household moving needs.

Larger carriers have in-house brokerage authority and staff but in the case of a single or independent carrier they rely on brokers and this relationship not only keeps your cost down, but because these carriers rely on the brokers who have them in network for most or all of their business, your broker is acting as an advocate on your behalf and has the leverage and responsibility to ensure quality of service.

Many carriers also broker their moves in-house. So the next time a carrier tells you not to go with a broker, ask them if they use a broker and if they’re any good they might say Vanity Van Lines. We price match any reputable moving company’s quote. So give us a call and compare rates.

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