We do offer in-home estimates with enough leeway before the move to schedule an appointment. Certain factors may affect our availability such as peak moving times and size of the move, however our inventory system is based on the average size of your furniture. So, if you know what goes, we know how much room you'll need. If you have unique items or custom furniture and the dimensions are not clear, or if you just want piece of mind to know that we covered everything , then we will gladly arrange for virtual inventories, through video right away. Let your moving specialist know your preference, and arrange a time that fits your schedule.
Each move is different. One of the key factors in deciding the cost of your move is the amount of space needed on the truck. One person may have a 3 bedroom home with bookshelves filled with books, floor to ceiling and wall to wall; while another person may have the same size home with just a computer desk and chair and a few boxes. It all depends on what inside those walls, so it's important to get an accurate and exact inventory on what is going so as not to have unexpected charges. You only pay for the space you use and not a penny more.
While all moves come with basic liability coverage of $0.60 cents per pound per article, you may want to be fully covered in instances where you have priceless valuables. Moving companies are not licensed to sell insurance, however, we do have corporate partnerships with great insurers that can give you added coverage to make sure you don't take any losses. The best insurance is hiring a company that won't damage your furniture in the first place. We understand that you would rather have your items delivered in one piece than receive a claims check, so we ensure that your movers are all vetted and trained professionals. You may also already have a clause in your homeowner's or renter's policy that covers your furniture at no additional cost to you, so be sure to check with your agent first. Then check with our agents second, to find affordable moving insurance rates.
Yes. Most people don't know exactly when to schedule their move for pik-up. We're in the moving industry and understand that lots of times, things like dates may be up in the air. You may not have closed on your dream house yet, or you got the job offer but may be waiting for it to come in writing before commiting to a date. Once a reservation is made, we allow date changes up to 7 days prior to your scheduled pick-up without any penalty. That means that if you are looking to move sometime in the next 12 weeks and place your reservation, you have 11 full weeks to change the date. Each reservation is risk free and affords you a full year of credit towards a move regardless of when or where.
Typically it is best to reserve a move at least 8-12 weeks in advance. The earlier you move, the less costly the service. Similar to the airline industry, rates do fluctuate based on availability and peak times. So, if you know you are going to need a mover, it's best to arrange for one as early as possible to guarantee the best rates.
Absolutely ! You would just need to complete a background check, drug test, training on how to lift safely, pad and protect furniture, crate items, and have a clean driving record for the last 3 years, and know how to work hard with a smile and we would be happy to find you a seat on a moving truck. Give us a call and ask to speak with someone in our HR department.
Most movers are very hesitant to give a guaranteed delivery date, and for good reason. Depending on the distance of your move and the time of year, many factors will play a major role in delivery times. We can arrange for a first available delivery at your request, but keep in mind, the further your long distance move is, the more there are things that may cause delays. No-one can guarantee a clear sky and open roads for hundreds or thousands of miles, but we can guarantee that if there are any delays, the minute we know...you know. We have a dedicated team to support each and every move and keep tabs on the drivers and expected delivery windows. There is round the clock customer service, dispatch, and logistics coordinators so you will always been in the loop from pick-up to delivery.
That's not a problem. Your relocation specialist is happy to help. We often find that the closer you get to your move date, the better your idea is of what you will and won't take. You only pay for the space you request and not a penny more, so if you want to add to your inventory, you a free to make revisions at any time. We will also give you a call the week of your move to ensure the inventory is exactly as you wish. So it might be a good idea to keep a running list of any changes you will make so you're prepared, and so that we are prepared for your furniture.
We love this question, because it says you care, but it's not a requirement to tip. We believe that if the movers are happy and enjoy their work then the customer will have a great move. Our rates are competitive, but we also quote each move at fair prices. We want to make sure everyone involved is compensated well enough to earn a proper wage. Moving is very physically demanding and professionals use their body's as a way to earn a living so even though tips are a wonderful gesture and greatly appreciated, we would never impose as a general rule. Bottle of cold water or sports drinks are always appreciated ( especially during summer months) and a light lunch of pizza has never been turned away on a moving day. Either way any generosity shown is always greatly appreciated.
Santa IS in fact a real person. We even helped him get some furniture moved to the North Pole for the elves recently. Santa is on of our best clients. Apparently he likes to tip in gumdrops and peppermint candy canes.

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