Cross Country Moving Options

Cross Country Moving Options

There are many options for cross country moving but depending on your budget, circumstances, and other factors. Whether you are looking to move yourself or hire a moving company for various services, there are many cross country moving options. That is why we listed a couple of the most common alternatives to help you move well. 

Moving Broker 

One of the most common cross country moving options is to go with a moving broker who works through smaller moving companies called carriers. There are a couple of benefits of using a moving broker to help with your move-in. They will find the best moving company (carrier) for your moving details. It is usually a lot cheaper than booking direct or with a major carrier. 

Direct Moving Company 

Booking with a direct moving company that services cross country moves and local moves is also a great option; however, because your belongings will be the only items on the truck, you will pay a premium for this service. None the less you will have a streamlined moving service. 

Actual Cross Country Moving Carrier

Another one of the cross country moving options is booking with a significant cross country moving company, which can be cheaper than booking direct. Still, your belongings will be with every other house that they load on the truck. 

Rental Truck 

If you are up for the drive, than another one of the cross country moving options is to rent a moving truck and drive it. This can also be quite expensive if you factor the cost of the truck, gas, food, and timeline for your move. Keep in mind you can hire a moving company to load and unload your truck as well.


If you are not up for driving a rental truck, than look into going with a storage container company that will bring the pod or container to your house, you pack, or hire a company to pack. They ship the container to your new place at the desired date and either hire a company or unload it yourself.

There are many cross country moving options to choose from, and we deal with customers to help them decide. Please give us a call or shoot us an email to help you with your cross country move. We are a full service moving broker but have connections all over the United States for other uses. Get your free cross country moving quote today.

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