How Much for a Cross Country Move

How much for a cross country move?

Every move is different on every occasion; however, depending on how far you are moving, time of year, items & furniture you are looking to move, will determine your cost on how much your cross country move will cost. The best way to assess how much a cross country move cost is to speak to a moving specialist to evaluate based on your move criteria to obtain a detailed quote versus an average ballpark cost. 

So, how much for a cross country move? Many factors come into play when determining this cost. Cross country moving cost is to call a moving company to obtain a free detailed quote, where you would provide them with the specifics of your move. Using a moving company streamline your entire move so you can focus on other tasks at hand. 

How Much for a Cross Country Move? Ballpark Cross Country Moving Costs Using A Moving Company. 

1 Bedroom $1000 – $3500

2-3 Bedroom $4000 – $6000

4+ Bedroom Up to $8500

Many factors go into determining how much for a cross country move costs. We recommend contacting a company that will provide you an honest, transparent, free quote for your move, but you need to keep the following items in your head when moving cross country:

  • Size of your move: the more stuff you possess, the more the actual move will cost. So please, keep this in mind when obtaining a free quote from a moving company to provide you an accurate free quote to determine your cross country moving cost.
  • Location, Location, Location: If you are moving to a popular city, there is a high chance that your cross country moving expenses will be higher in high demand areas. 
  • Logistic issues: Keep in mind when moving if there is a problem with where the movers have to load or unload or are not coordinated with the moving dates, most moving companies will charge more, making your cross country moving costs higher. 
  • Moving season: Starting early May to late September is considered the busy season in the moving industry, and you can expect to pay 30-40% more to move. (Try to move out of season to lower your cross country moving cost)
  • Fragile, Awkward items: If you have individual items that need a lot of attention, such as a pool table, piano, delicate items to be crated, etc. This will increase your cross country moving cost by a decent amount. 
  • What part of the country: Moving to a rural area that is not close to a major highway or close the US border, you may be paying a little more on your cross country moving cost. 
  • The best day of the month, week, etc.: For some reason, moving seems to peak at the beginning and end of each month, which will increase cross country moving cost. Moving on the weekend is also a peak time during the week. 

Get hold of Vanity Van Lines today, the #1 Best Cross Country Moving Company to help determine your cross country moving cost. Let us work for you and find how much for a cross country move will cost you. Contact us today for your free moving quote. 

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