Cross Country Moving with Pets

Moving Cross Country with Pets

Moving across the country is already a time consuming and daunting task. But moving cross country with pets can also be a burden, that is why we created five great tips for you to help streamline your cross country move. Moving cross country with pets can be an easy task if you are properly prepared.  

  1. Prepare Travel Arrangements 

The number one tip for moving cross country with pets is determining and preparing how you will be moving your pet. Find the best method to move your pet, whether you are looking to move your pet, via your car, airplane, dog travel service, etc. Preparing and pre-planning everything far in advance will help you determine what task is next. Many cross country moving companies will recommend a pet handling agency that will take care of shipping pets’ details, including boarding, pick-up, and delivery. Costs vary according to services rendered

2. Check Regulations and Laws

Once you have determined your travel arrangements for moving cross country with pets, it is now time to check state and local regulations and laws. So if you are driving, find out what states you will be passing through to determine if you need any documentation for any inspections coming into each state. Suppose you are flying or having your pet flying unaccompanied, then decide if your pet needs to comply with any regulations on the plane. Check local codes and laws to determine if your pet needs any documentation or if your pet is allowed in that city or county. 

3. Pet Essentials 

When moving cross country with pets, be sure to obtain all your pet’s records and get a veterinarian check-up a couple of months before moving. Your pet should have all updated shots and documents for easy access if needed. Recieve any permits, health certificates, or rabies tags required to show for proof. Purchase travel permanent identity tags for your pet and any additional items you will need for your pet’s travel arrangements.

4. Organize and Plan 

Be sure to organize and plan everything from travel arrangements from specific times to dates. Take into consideration if you are driving for walk breaks, feedings, etc. Create a plan that works for your pet and yourself so moving cross country with pets is easy. The better that you are prepared and organized, the more comfortable your move will be for you and your pet. 

5. Make a Folder and Bag 

Make a travel folder for moving cross country with pets to have all documents, registrations, permits, etc that you will need. Keep a copy of your schedule along with anything you will need for your pet. Also, pack a bag for your pets with items that he/she may need along the way, from food, water, toys, etc. Again, the more organized you are for yourself and your pet, the easier the move will be.

When moving cross country with pets, you can also choose a pet relocation service that will take care of the majority of the move to give you peace of mind. 

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